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I think somewhere, we're all connected, off in some very abstract land. But somewhere between there and here ideas exist.



Simple browser interactive music video for ingMob by Chris Shier, lets you add your own small distortions with your mouse to the geometric visuals. Music changes pace around the 1:40 mark.

Try it out for yourself here

Chris also has a Tumblr blog [nosia] here


paul bourke, associate professor at the university of western australia, scours google earth looking for fractal patterns, or self similarity, in the rivers systems, mountains ranges and deserts of the planet. in nature, self similarity doesn’t exist ad infinitum, as with a mandlebrot set, but branching structures are found across two, three, even four scales. paul invites people to submit their finds own to his site, which links to the pictures shown here on google earth (click pics for the country), so you can zoom in on a section of the photo and see how the images retain similarity.

(learn more about fractals on “hunting the hidden dimension”, pbs nova)

(via earthandanimals)